Technology Litmus Test

At Elevated Networks, our experience tells us there are three key criteria any technology solution should meet.

We check to make sure any solution we design or implement is secure, budget-appropriate, and meets the specific needs of our clients. That’s why we take a consultative approach to solution design and apply our 3-step Technology Litmus Test every time. This will ensure you get the technology that best positions you to meet your business and financial goals while reducing risk.

1. Does it meet your needs?

We take a consultative approach to every customer engagement. The first step is defining your needs/requirements, challenges/pain points, and goals/desired outcomes. We then evaluate the landscape of technology solutions and vendor options to identify the pros and cons of each, leading us to the best fit for your needs. This saves our customers the time of doing due diligence and reduces the risk of not making the right decision.

2. Is it budget appropriate?

We make sure our customers get the most value for their technology investment. Sometimes they are setting out to save money, other times they want to increase their capabilities while keeping costs in line with budget. Whatever your financial goals, we make sure they are met, the cost is justified, and you get the most bang for your technology buck.

3. Is it secure?

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for any business. Aside from the potentially devastating practical issues related to the loss of data or experiencing downtime, your company could face legal and regulatory liability as well as significant damage to your reputation if you become a victim of cybercrime. We make sure any solution we design for our customers is secure so they have peace of mind.

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